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PEB Beam Welding Machine

VP Synergic weld solutions beam welding machine system. Are used to automatically weld the Flange plate. To a web plate to form a Pre-fabricated Beam. The beam line equipment comprises of conveyors. Web Splice welders. Tack welding machine, Pull through welder and (Auto Welder). Twin wire SAW welding machine (Power source and wire feed head and controller). Pre settable welding heads and flux recovery units. VP Synergic offers total solution for Automatic and Manual welding of beams. VP Synergic h beam welding machine line for PEB includes CNC Plasma/Flame head cutting machine. Web/Flange Splice welder. Flange to Web Tack welder. Pull through Welder (Auto welder). The Twin Wire SAW welding machines Conveyors etc. VP Synergic provide comprehensive material handling system to support beam welding line. VP Synergic offers PEB Beam Welding line to customers based on production capacities which helps customer to start producing beams with lesser investment and can be enhanced at later stage based on the volume increase. This will be more helpful for the startup companies. We offer equipment’s from the range of 250 tons to 1000 tons per month productivity. Our Beam Welding Line (PEB) comprising of following equipment peb beam welding machine manufacturers in India PEB beam welding machines are typically designed to weld a wide range of H-beam sizes and thicknesses. The machines are typically equipped with multiple welding heads, which allows for increased productivity.

  • CNC Cutting Machine
  • Pull through Welder (Auto Welder)
  • Optional Beam Handling Equipments
  • Web/Flange Splice Welder
  • Conveyors
  • Tack Welder
  • Twin Wire Saw Welding Machine