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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00
Our Location
100 Mainstreet Center, Sydney
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+208 333 9296

Our Core Values

Eight values that guide the thoughts and actions of all our employees.



Concentrating on our core business to provide the highest level of expertise for any given requirements.



Our vision is to think globally and act locally, synchronizing our operations around the world and providing our customers with the best solutions possible.



We are trusted and responsible partners today and into the future because our relationships are long-lasting, like our products. What we promise we deliver.



Working together and exchanging knowledge is what makes us successful. We integrate partners into our processes in order to create the best outcomes.



Pioneers in finding new paths that no one has explored before. We set the pace by developing valuable solutions relevant to the market and unique in the industry.



The passion we have for what we do always exceeds ordinary standards and exceeds the expectations of our customers. By being extraordinarily effective, we outperform our competitors and take the lead.



Our deep metallurgical know-how and our long-term experience enable us to give the right technical advice to our customers and solve their most demanding challenges.

Customer Focused


All of our developments, services, and products are tailored to the customer’s needs in order to serve them to the maximum extent possible.